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texts; baby

William: That's so unfair. :c Can't you tell them you have a needy and whiny cutie at home that needs attention?
William: I'm like Tinkerbell, Wes. If I don't get attention, I start to wither and fade.
William: Stoooop it, you're making it really hard to concentrate on getting dinner sorted.
William: But yes, I do. I just like when you get rough with me sometimes.
Wesley: none of that withering and fading crap
Wesley: i'll sprinkle my fairy dust on you before its too late
Wesley: i'll drench you with it
Wesley: you'll be sparkling like a disco ball
texts; baby

William: You could have suddenly come down with something. Maybe you've suddenly got a stomach bug or something.
William: Fuck, I want that too. I want you to use my mouth and pull on my hair.
William: No touching, got it.
William: How much longer now until you come home?
Wesley: my boss isn't going to fall for that one again
Wesley: you like it when i fuck your mouth before i fuck your ass huh?
Wesley: An hour and a half
Wesley: you can do it baby i believe in you *heart*
texts; baby

William: It's still more than an hour.
William: I'm really sad that you can't come home right now.
William: I really want you to make me feel all good inside and make me squirm and beg on the bed right now.
William: And I want you to pin me down and use me.
William: And tell me how good I feel.
William: *frown emoji* Can't you fake sick or something?
Wesley: i can't fake sick im already at work silly
Wesley: i know it sucks
Wesley: want your mouth sucking me right now
Wesley: and hear your pretty moans
Wesley: but we're just going to have to deal with it which means no touching until i step foot in that house got it?
texts; baby

William: *frowny emoji* That's not faaaair! You can't say things like that and then tell me you won't be home for 2 hours.
William: Can't you come home early so we can do that and then I can make us dinner?
William: You can't see me right now but I'm giving you my best puppy dog eyes. You should come home now, please and thank you. *crown emoji*
Wesley: oh you got me *heart*
Wesley: but my boss is a prick
Wesley: im sorry baby :(
Wesley: but its just less than 2 hours now
Wesley: the wait's good so you can appreciate how i'll make you feel later even more yeah? xx

brb real quick im just gonna wash off the dye in my haaair

texts; baby

William: :c *kissy emoji*
William: I want you to come home and cuddle me too.
William: Like always. *angel emoji*
William: When are you done work? I want to make dinner for us so I need to know when to start making it.
Wesley: *kissy emoji x6*
Wesley: my sweet little angel cake i just want to eat you up and watch you hot and bothered squirming underneath me *smiley emoji*
Wesley: 2 hours maybe? 1 and a half if traffic's not that bad


Rory slept soundly have driven all night he needed a good rest before everything settled in. He stired feeling Raj slip into the small bed and wrapped an arm around his waist. He sighed burying his face against his chest. He cracked his eye opened smiling tiredly, “Hi.” his voice raspy and filled with sleep.

"Hiya," Raj whispered softly, smiling and dipping down for a soft kiss on the lips then one on Rory’s forehead. "Sleep, sleep," he whispered against his hairline, nuzzling his face against his brother’s hair. Raj’s hand on Rory’s back caressed him gently in an up and down motion, closing his eyes as he slowly fell asleep.